Designer | Artist | People-Person

For sake of brevity, I'll skip the part where I tell you how I love working on user-centric solutions, how design is really all about problem-solving for humans, and how people are so dang fascinating.

Don't get me wrong--I do, it is, and they are! However, I assume you're here because you're curious about my perspective. As much as I'd rather talk about this over coffee or beers (and snacks!), here's my best stab at a summary:

I am most engaged when I'm able to help people get what they want and need.

It's been the best part of every role I've ever been in, and now that I've found a home in UX I get to do that every single day alongside some ridiculously talented people, all while having the privilege of being immersed in design--something to which I've long aspired.

I'm an advocate for the user, and for the importance of UX design. I believe effective communication is the single most important skill anyone can have, and that it's key to a happy and impactful team. I devote just as much energy to being a good teammate as I do to building my skills as a designer, and I don't think a day goes by without me learning something new or encountering an opportunity to improve. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Wanna chat? Have coffee? Email me.