Amy Beth Rice

Amy Beth Rice is a prominent Memphis artist whose specialties include mural painting, art instruction for both youth and adults, live painting and portraiture, just to name a few.

She needed to do a web site refresh and opted to seek a professional as opposed to using a template as she had down previously. She wanted something clean and easy to use, and it was important that her work was the "hero" of the site.

Our first meeting involved discussing the goals for her site, learning a bit about the long-term vision for her brand, and establishing a high-level picture of what her site needed to entail.

After that initial meeting, we had a pretty good idea as to what the overall site anatomy would be, so I sketched out several ideas based on our discussion and from there we narrowed down some options.

Many of her clients access her site via mobile, so she wanted to ensure the site looked great on any device and the navigation remained intuitive. To show her what was possible, I prototyped the navigation on Codepen so she could resize and view the responsiveness for herself.

See the Pen Site Header by Amy G (@amyg) on CodePen.

More Prototyping

The gallery interaction not only allows clients to view images larger along with details, but it also offers a glimpse of purchasing options and a way to get there directly as opposed to needing people to first navigate to the shop.


This project is ongoing, and we hope to have it live this summer!